Virtually Model Clay with an iPad.

Wired: Beautiful Modeler is a virtual clay modeler for the iPad. You need the app for the iPad, another app for your Mac, and both need to be on the same WiFi network. As soon as I saw this I thought, “Why not just do everything on the iPad?” Here’s the reason:

You can also turn and flip the on-screen object by turning and flipping the iPad, thanks to its accelerometers. This is the reason the lump is shown elsewhere, and not on the iPad’s own display – it’s hard to see the screen when it is facing away from you.

Well, I’d rather not have this turning and flipping if that means I don’t have to download and install an extra app for the MacBook and then have to deal with the slight WiFi delay, which will take away some of the fun. Beautiful Modeler is an idea that fails to fully take advantage of one of the great things about the iPad: you get to interact with information with your fingers, directly on the screen.