Ars Technica: Windows Phone 7 Initial Sales

Ars Technica:

I personally think Windows Phone 7 is going to be huge in two years — largely because Microsoft’s mobile strategy is superior to Android’s, as I argued in a previous piece. But no one should have realistically expected Windows Phone to blow anyone out of the water on day one, this late in the game.

Scott Mortiz, The Street, cites a market research source with 40,000 Windows Phone 7 sales on Monday. That’s all WP7 phones on two carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile). I’m not surprised. Who launches a smartphone on Monday?

The first iPhone sold about 250,000 during its launch two-day weekend. Divide that by two and you get a 125,000 per day. This is according to AppleInsider. The Droid is estimated to have shipped 100,000 units during its launch weekend. I’m not sure how many days Bloomberg is counting but assuming two days the per day count is 50,000. Again, these are single units compared to all WP7 phones pegged at 40,000 units on day one. It doesn’t look like there is a lot of momentum coming out of the gates for WP7. That’s okay; this smartphone race is a marathon, but initial momentum doesn’t hurt either.