Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 10-inch Display

TechOn: Samsung is showing off a 10.1-inch prototype device at the FPD International Green Device 2010 show in China. The 10.1-inch LCD is special. Instead of using glass substrates Samsung looked to resin.

The glass used in mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is 0.5mm; resin is much thinner at 0.09mm. That results in thinner LCD panels: 1.26mm for glass-based and just 0.44mm for resin-based.

The big thing is weight, which is drastically reduced from 130g to just 28g for the LCD panel without the backlight.

The photo looks just like a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although the pixel format of the demonstration was 1024×600 there is a good chance that it will increase quite a bit when it comes out.