MobileCrunch: Motorola Defy Review


I love the screen. 854×480 at 3.7″ is extremely sharp, and it’s bright enough to work in bright lighting. The touchscreen was responsive and accurate even when wet (though not underwater), though things didn’t seem nearly as smooth as the G2 despite having similar specs. I blame MOTOBLUR.

Motorola thought they were adding something nice with MOTOBLUR but ended up taking away a potentially solid experience. Is there a way to get a stock Android 2.2 on the Defy? I think the waterproof and dustproof Motorola Defy would be a great choice for someone who wants to get on the smartphone bandwagon but isn’t careful enough with fragile high-tech gadgets. BTW, did you know the iPhone 4 is the least rugged? Corning’s Gorilla Glass covering will certainly help with preventing scratches on the beautiful display.