HP Slate 500: Expect to Sell 5000, Actually Sell 9000, Extraordinary Demand?

HPEngadget: HP expected to sell 5000 of its Slate 500 Windows 7-based 8.9-inch tablets. Well, they aimed low, quite low. Actual orders came in at 9000 units and HP will not be able to fulfill the extra 4000 any time soon and is in panic mode to quickly build those.

In the meantime if you are the unlucky 4000 expect to get a nice $100 discount and a six-week wait. Here’s what HP describes as the cause of this situation: “extraordinary demand.” There’s nothing extraordinary about demand. In fact demand is quite ordinary, maybe even less than ordinary.

The Slate 500 went on sale October 21st. That’s a long time ago; 24 days to be a bit more precise through November 13 when news broke. On a daily basis that translates into 375 units per day. Compare this to a run rate of almost 33,900 per day for the iPad in its first 59 days. This “extraordinary demand” for the HP Slate 500 is simply marketing-speak for dang ordinary.