Apple Bans eBay Sale of Modded White iPhone 4

Cult of Mac:

Apparently, the owner of a 16GB iPhone 4 recently decided to sell his device in order to buy a Motrola Droid. Advised that the best way to get more money for his phone was to convert it to a white model through iFixDirect, he laid out $179.99 for the color conversion and then put the device up on eBay, stating the caveat that it was a modded device and not, say, a leaked prototype.

Apple claimed that this was a counterfeit product that infringed the company’s rights. eBay pulled the modded white iPhone 4. Ridiculous.

If you want to change the color of your iPhone 4 and then sell it I don’t think it’s anybody else’s business. Butt out Apple. Unless you’ve got a white iPhone 4 to sell. If you want a white iPhone 4 and want to mod it yourself hop on over to iFix Direct. It is a little pricy at US$179.99 but you will be one of only a very few. For even more you can change the color of your iPhone to almost anything your heart desires as long as the front cover (sans button) is black. Check out ColorWare.