People of Lava’s Scandinavia: Android TV Made From Stone

People of LavaWired: The Scandinavia is the name of the TV made by People of Lava, which is a company based in Sweden. The Scandinavia is made in Sweden and will come in three sizes: 42, 47, 55 inch.

There are two things that make the Scandinavia very interesting. One is that it is made of metal, glass, and stone. Weight? 90 pounds for the 55-inch version.

The Scandinavia TV is the first home electronics product to use this material, which otherwise is mainly found in exclusive kitchens and yachts.

The second feature is that it is the world’s first Android-based TV. Although the version of Android is less-than appealing: 1.5, customized to fit on a really big display. The three displays all sport LED backlights and a 1920×1080 pixel format.

The 42-inch Scandinavia can be pre-ordered for 22,000 Swedish Krona. That amounts to more than US$3500. The 55-inch version will cost 40,000 Krona. I would make sure that your wall is thoroughly reinforced before mounting one of these Scandinavia Android TVs.