RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: Better Internet Browser Than iPad?

The BlackBerry PlayBook opened up UEFA.com in a blazing 5.5 seconds. My MacBook Pro connected via Fast Ethernet to a 3Mbps U-verse pipe popped up in about the same time. The iPad took about 10.4 seconds. The results were very similar with CBS.com. The PlayBook seems to be wicked quick.

Flash is supported on the PlayBook. Adidas.com was visited but that just tells me the website developers there need to get their act together and get a non-Flash-based animated website up as soon as possible. I wonder how the PlayBook continues to operate while running a full-blown Flash website like Adidas.com. My guess is that it won’t fare so well since even my 2.8GHz MacBook Pro struggles.

Acid3: 100/100. The PlayBook has pixel-perfect rendering. The iPad also gets 100/100 but there was a small artifact on the top right corner. I tested it on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 and the same small artifact showed up. On my MacBook running OS X v10.6.5 and Safari v5.0.2 (6533.18.5) the Acid3 test came up 100/100 without any artifacts.

Pocket Full of Canvas: The Embossed Blobs demo is run and the PlayBook’s animation is very smooth while the iPad’s is quite choppy. Safari on my MacBook Pro runs the demo quite smoothly while the iPhone wasn’t able to run the Embossed Blobs demo.

There has been a recent study asking iPad users what they do most. The answer was that they surf the Internet. If this video is any indication the BlackBerry PlayBook might give you a better experience on the Internet. Of course it isn’t just about speed if the display isn’t up to par. The 9.7-inch IPS LCD on the iPad is top notch. The PlayBook’s display might come close, but most likely it won’t be better. And in just a couple of months I expect Apple to be announcing the iPad 2.0 with a 2048×1536 pixel format, blowing away every other tablet, including the yet-shipping PlayBook.