Mobile Review: Sony Ericsson Anzu X12 First Look

Mobile Review:

The X12 features a 4.3″ screen with 854 x 480 resolution similar in specs to the one used in X10. The diagonal grew, but the colour reproduction is similar and this time the screen supports multitouch without software tweaks, on hardware level, thanks to the touch sensitive layer above the screen, to be exact. However, since Sony Ericsson does not have and probably won’t have at any point access to AMOLED screens (or S-AMOLED ) and they seem reluctant for some reason, not to be explained here, to use S-LCDs, what we are left with is a usual display with mirroring of the black colour, decent, but not great viewing angles.

There is another option: IPS. That’s the display technology Apple uses on its iPhone 4 and from what I can tell it is pretty good.