Panasonic TH-P103MT2: Code for 103-inch 3D TV

Panasonic (Japan) → EngadgetWired: Panasonic has its TH-P103MT2 for sale. The price? Â¥8.5 million or about US$100,000. The 103-inch behemoth is a 3D plasma TV. You would think you’d get more but pixels are limited to just 1920×1080. Dimensions are 241.2×141.9×14.1cm for the display itself. Add the stand the depth increases from 14.1cm to 87.1cm. The 103-inch plasma TV weighs in at 220kg, or 440 pounds. With the stand the weight balloons to 321kg, or 707 pounds. This Panasonic consumes 1350 watts. Not a big deal: consider that powerful hair dryers consume about as much. Available November 18th.