The Glif, 3D Printed Version

Today the Glif arrived, the 3D printed version.

Tom and Dan personally signed the instruction card on the back. A nice touch.

Here is the Glif attached to my iPhone 4. Before fully attaching it I tested it for quite some time. The Glif fits perfectly to a naked iPhone 4. And the 3D printed version has a rough texture that I thought might scratch the glass. I wasn’t too worried about the front glass but I was worried about the one on the back. The back glass isn’t as durable as the front. After partly attaching the Glif and then checking to see if there were any scratches a few times I didn’t find any, so I completely attached the Glif.

The 3D printed version of the Glif is quite level.

Mounted on a Manfroto tripod with a Bogen head. Looks and works great. The setup felt stable, enough so that I wouldn’t be worried about carrying around the tripod with the iPhone 4 Gliffed on top.

The Bogen 3/8-inch mounting plate has a screw opening (non-padded area) that is larger in diameter than the Glif’s rectangle around the threaded nut. The result is a slight tilt. I haven’t tried, but I would recommend a tool like the Theodolite app to make sure you’re leveled.

The Glif as a stand works quite well in landscape.

And in portrait. In this photo the setup might not look very stable but it is. I found I like this slightly more slanted stance.