Akihabara News: Panasonic Lumix GH2 Review

Akihabara News:

Another huge improvement with the GH2 is its new Touchscreen, allowing you to quickly adjust where your camera needs to focus by touching a subject directly on the screen. Already available on the G2, this option is another good move by Panasonic. A welcome upgrade indeed, but not as great as Panasonic’s truly magnificent new LCD! Our Camera is featuring a sharper LCD also offering en extended color gamut up to 25% compared to the GH1, making it easier to get the correct manual focus when shooting video for example. This “sharper” LCD also allows Panasonic to bring more information (UI) onto the screen when shooting picture, once again a welcome move here as well from Panasonic.

Touch-based focus can be quite helpful in many situations and I would like to see other camera brands incorporate this technology into their cameras. I’m looking at you Sony; hopefully the next NEX will have this feature.

Image source: Panasonic

The LCD has been enhanced. Only size and pixel format at 3-inch and 460,000 dots are similar to the one used in the GH1. Maybe the color filter and/or the backlight was enhanced resulting in an improved color gamut. Panasonic claims a 25% improvement based on the 1976 CIE UCS color temperature coordinates.

Even though 1080/60i and 720/60p video capture is still limited to 17Mbps, for 1080/24p bandwidth has been opened up to 24Mbps. The rolling shutter jello effect is more pronounced compared to the GH1. RAW video can be outputted via HDMI.