Cellphone Induced Cancer: Epidemic In Slow Motion

Devra Davis, epidemiologist and author of “Disconnect,” via The New York Times regarding researching findings linking cellphone use and cancer:

I do think I’m looking at an epidemic in slow motion.

Davis recommends: Keeping the cellphone away from the head or body by using a wired earpiece or the speakerphone. Children are more at risk because of a thinner skull that allows radiation to penetrate deeper into the brain. Pregnant women should be careful to keep cellphones away from the abdomen area.

This is making me think, “Do I really need a cellphone?” Do I need to be reachable by voice at all times? Can I make do with text messages and email? I’ll need to think about this. The thing that worries me most is that I almost always keep my iPhone in my pant pocket when I’m away from the house.