David Pogue: Google TV Review

David Pogue on The New York Times:

This much is clear: Google TV may be interesting to technophiles, but it’s not for average people. On the great timeline of television history, Google TV takes an enormous step in the wrong direction: toward complexity.

The TV was a simple pleasure: a few channels, the remote, a comfy couch, and something to munch on. TV is much too complicated today. That’s not the main reason why I don’t watch TV though. The main reason is that there is so little that is worth watching. The two shows I do watch I watch using Hulu since I don’t want to be forced to watch it when it is aired. And no, I don’t want to spend more money and more time setting up and figuring out how to use Tivo. Hulu is a simple and elegant solution for my needs.

It will probably take a long time, and a lot more refinement, before Google TV is attractive to anyone besides tech-heads — especially when, for only $60, you can get most of the same stuff (Netflix, Amazon on demand, Pandora, Major League Baseball, apps) on a Roku box.

Or for just a little more at $99 you can get an Apple TV box. I don’t think Google TV will ever catch on. I just don’t see myself taking my hands off of the keyboard, getting up from my desk, and then sinking down into my comfy couch to put my hands on another keyboard, just to watch TV. My guess? Technophiles and tech-heads watch TV right on their computers with huge monitors attached to them. There is no need for a Google TV.