Gizmodo: Nook Color Review


At 7 inches, this Technicolor Nook is ironically still best for reading straightforward ebooks. And it’s about as good as reading can be on a backlit glass screen (more pixels and less glare would be more better, but it actually bests the Kindle 3’s pixel density, 169ppi to 167). Reading stuff other than ebooks is an interesting set of tradeoffs, largely because of the constraints of a 7-inch screen. Magazines are presented as full-page, unreadable facsimiles of the real thing, which you can zoom in and pan around.

According to Gizmodo this 7-inch 1024×600 LCD is of the IPS variety. Since there are more than one company that makes IPS LCDs, I wonder which one it is: LG Display, Samsung, Hitachi, Hydis?