Photography Blog: Panasonic GF2 Review

Photography Blog:

Importantly, though, you’ll be missing out on some advanced functionality that GF1 owners can only dream about if you ignore the touchscreen, chief among them the ability to focus on your subject simply by tapping them onscreen, even when shooting movies. While the polished and intuitive touchscreen interface still won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it should help the GF2 appeal to a wider audience…

You’ll need steady hands to hold the GF2 while with your other hand touch the object you want to focus on. On a tripod this touch-based focus control should be a powerful tool. I don’t have the GF2 but I get this experience with the iPhone 4 on a tripod using the Glif, and it’s pretty cool. The GF2 also adds 1080/60i video capture. For low-light photography consider a camera with an APS-C image sensor. That’s one of the reasons I chose Sony’s NEX-5.