TrustedReviews: Dell Latitude 13 Review


… the Latitude 13’s 13.3in screen is on the good side of average, as it’s not particularly strong in any area but doesn’t suffer from any glaring faults either. Its 1,366 x 768 resolution is standard for the screen size, and it’s reasonably sharp. In our greyscale test it failed to distinguish either the lightest or darkest shades, meaning you’ll inevitably lose out on some subtle detail in films. There was little banding and backlighting was slightly uneven, though light bleed was almost unnoticeable. While vertical viewing angles are predictably poor, horizontal ones are halfway decent by business laptop standards.

I think the standard pixel format for 13.3-inch will rapidly shift from 1366×768 to 1440×900. The display used in the Latitude 13 looks to be a 6-bit LCD since it wasn’t able to render the extreme ends of the grayscale spectrum. For business users this limitation might not matter but again the standard is shifting, to 8 bit. An uneven backlight also hints at the poor quality LCD, despite the relatively thick bottom bezel that should have given ample room for a better backlight. All in all if display quality matters to you I would look for alternatives to the Latitude 13.