Engadget: Nook Color Review


As we said, the screen is of the 7-inch LCD variety, and at the 1024 x 600 resolution, looks reasonably dense (from a pixel perspective) with a 178-degree viewing angle. Barnes & Noble is particularly proud of the screen, which the company says utilizes its “VividView” treatment to provide less glare. What that really means is that the screen coating is fully laminated against the display itself, making for less tiny, almost-imperceptible unglued areas which can catch light. Still, the display is pretty reflective, making reading in bright locations (like on a subway with stark fluorescent lighting) sometimes difficult.

The 7-inch TFT LCD is of the IPS variety so in terms of display technology the Nook Color sports one of the best. VividView, a anti-glare coating, does little to reduce reflectivity and reduces pleasure reading in bright ambient environments. Why anyone, including Apple, continues to use glare-type displays is baffling to me. What is the Nook Color’s raison d’état? To allow reading of electronic reading materials. What good is it if it can’t do that very well.