Flexx Transparent Conductive Films, An Alternative to ITO-based Films

Production roll off Carestream Advanced Materials’ large scale coater. 1.4 meters wide.

Carestream (PDF):

Carestream Advanced Materials developed Flexx transparent conductive films by applying the company’s 100 years of expertise in nanomaterial science and thin film precision roll-to-roll coating. The new film features a patented silver nanomaterial technology that allows for exceptional conductance and superior optical performance. The nanomaterial is coated onto a resilient polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film to create a film that is far more flexible and much less expensive to produce than ITO-based offerings.

The target markets are touch panels, OLED lighting, displays, printed electronics, and photovoltaics. There has been some speculation that indium will be in short supply in the coming years as demand for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) sky-rockets. Carestream’s Flexx film will need to be easily integrated into current manufacturing process for it to become a suitable substitute to ITO-based films.

Paul Herro, Director – Corporate Development:

Wet roll-to-roll precision coating is a core competency of Carestream’s. We were spun out from Kodak in 2007 and have retained the key technology, know-how, and manufacturing assets (we manufacturer over 100M sq m of radiographic x-ray film a year still). […] We are initially targeting markets that use ITO film (on PET) today, like touch panel, e-reader, OLED lighting and photovoltaics. […]

That said, we do intend to advance this technology into display as a materials supplier. […]

Durable, flexible and less expensive e-readers sound good to me.