TrustedReviews: LG Optimus 7 Review


Browsing may be fast, but LG’s screen – while bright and crisp – doesn’t measure up to the Super AMOLED displays seen in Samsung’s latest handsets, the S-LCD on the Desire HD or the Retina display on the iPhone 4. As such text can look a little fuzzy when web pages are zoomed out. This isn’t a huge problem given the responsive zooming of the Optimus 7 and it is by no means a bad display, just not a class leader.

It is unusual that LG doesn’t have one of the best displays on its smartphones. The reason being that the company has access to its sister company LG Display’s incredible IPS LCDs. The LG Optimus 7’s LCD is just okay but I’m not okay with fuzzy text as one of the things that I do most on my smartphone is read text. Here’s hoping that LG will tap into some IPS LCDs for its future smartphones.