Verizon Wireless Nickels & Dimes You, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Owner, to Death


First off, if you purchase from Verizon Wireless and decide that the Tab is not for you, you will be hit with a $70 restocking fee. If that’s not bad enough, if you return it after three days of having purchased it, you will not be credited back your $35 activation fee either. Oh, did I forget to tell you about that fee? Yeah, in addition to the price of acquisition, Verizon also throws a $35 activation fee onto your first bill.

That’s not all:

  • Verizon bills you one month in advance.
  • Your first bill includes the cost of the data plan, the $35 activation fee and the tax associated with them.
  • A reconnect fee of $35 if you decide to stop your data plan and restart.
  • If you want to be charged less just suspend your account, and that’ll be just $15.

The activation fee is not too surprising since I was docked an upgrade free to get my iPhone 4 on AT&T. Thankfully I purchased the iPhone 4 at the Apple Store where I won’t be charged a restocking fee for up to 30 days from the date of purchase if I decide to return it.

You’ll burn through your data so make sure not to underestimate your data usage. Overage fees are much more expensive than simply paying for the next tier up. Verizon is no exception.

These reconnect fees by Verizon are ridiculous. This is in stark contrast to what Apple and AT&T has agreed to on the iPad’s data plan. With the iPad there are no hidden fees and you can start, stop, upgrade, downgrade as much as you want.

I’m not sure a Verizon iPad would be that great of a deal even if it came out, despite the fact that I have terrible 3G coverage where I live. I can live with sucky wireless coverage but a company that sucks my wallet dry? Not a chance.