Acer Iconia: Dual Display Notebook PC

Engadget: The Acer Iconia sports dual 14-inch multitouch LCDs that pack a 1366×768 pixel format each. Both LCDs are glossy as can be. Graphics is driven by Intel HD (weak sauce) and output options are VGA and HDMI. Also included is a highly unusual 1280×1024 pixel format webcam. As you can imagine a notebook with two displays don’t come light; the Acer Iconia weighs a hefty 6.18 pounds.

I would imagine typing on glass wouldn’t be as alien since a lot of us are getting use to it on our smartphones and tablets, but Engadget as well as an Acer rep are reporting that typing on glass isn’t that easy. But maybe that’s a good thing.

Back when I was in high school, I had the fortune of taking a full year of typing class. I’m glad I did because otherwise I would be crawling, well pecking, as I blog. The proper form when typing is to keep you wrist from touching the keyboard. This actually helps reduce the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome. The multitouch glass on the Acer Iconia demands that you type in proper form by keeping your wrist off from the glass. A good thing perhaps.