Vizio Lead LCD TV Third Quarter Shipments in the US

Beyonce while shooting a Vizio ad:

The concept today is basically someone’s watching the television. I decide to step in their living room and perform specially for them. And the TV looks so wonderful they’re ignoring me. So I’m stepping it up and trying to perform harder and it doesn’t matter; the TV is better. That’s the world of entertainment and it’s the world of a great television. It will be no need when you can see something even more beautiful and detailed on the television.

She’s not only a great performer, she’s even modest. Anyway, getting on to TV market share. Vizio was on top. The company beat Samsung for the #1 spot in the US LCD TV market in the third quarter according to iSuppli.

In the third quarter, Vizio shipped 1.6 million LCD TVs, up 14.9% Q/Q, capturing 19.9% market share. Samsung shipments declined 1.5% Q/Q and took 17.7% share.

Rankings flipflopped when the entire flat panel TV US market is considered. Samsung took the top spot shipping 1.82 million units, up 0.2% Q/Q in the third quarter giving the company a 19.3% share. Samsung’s plasma TV shipments increased 7.2% Q/Q, compensating for the slight decline in LCD TVs. Vizio was #2.

The overall US LCD TV shipments increased 8.1% Q/Q to 8.04 million units. In the same quarter in 2009 total shipments were 8.09 million units. So we’re still down compared to a year ago. The economy must be bad. Or there might be something else working here.

Maybe we are using TVs longer because there is no compelling reason to buy a new one. As long as you have a fairly recent 16:9 720p or 1080p-capable TV there is no need. 3D seems to be merely a gimmick at home and all that Internet connected business you can do much more effectively on your notebook PC, tablet or even a smartphone.

If you happen to have one of those wonderful rear projection TVs you can get a brand new one by simply replacing the bulb. How cool is that. And you’d be helping the environment as well as folks on the other side of the world breath a little better.