Wired: Dell Inspiron Duo a Terrible Tablet


But the tablet part is little more than a gimmick. It’ll work with the installed Windows 7 OS, but not well, unless you have sharp, mouse-pointer-shaped fingers. So Dell has included its Stage interface, which can be used for browsing music, movies and photos. If you want a nice, finger-friendly way to surf the web or send a mail then you’re out of luck.

This is a very important point. The iPad works so well because both the hardware and software have been precisely tuned to work together as a tablet.

The Dell Inspiron Duo wants to be both a netbook and a tablet and runs Windows 7. And that means you’ll need either a mouse or laser precision with the tip of your finger to navigate through the menus and icons if you want to use it as a tablet. If you simply want to listen to music, watch movies or photos then I guess the Stage UI would work. Just don’t expect to be able to browse the Internet or check emails like you see folks do on their iPad.