Engadget: Jolicloud Jolibook Review

Robin Wauters, TechCrunch video review.


The 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600-resolution display is bright enough for watching videos on YouTube or Hulu, but the quality of the panel leaves more to be desired. The screen is just fine for watching the latest SNL clip with a friend, however vertical viewing angles aren’t stellar and setting it back a bit requires you to adjust the screen forward quite a bit.

Vertical viewing angles are the Achilles’ Heel for most notebook PC and netbook displays. The Jolibook included. The 10.1-inch netbook from Jolicloud runs the cloud-oriented Jolicloud Linux OS, is powered by Intel’s Atom N550 and goes for £279, which converts to about US$450. At that price I would recommend getting a standard Windows 7-based netbook or if you’re mostly thinking of browsing the Internet, checking email, twitting or updating your Facebook Apple’s iPad might be the simpler more enjoyable way to go. And Apple’s having a sale on its iPads, just for today though.