La Boite Concept LD120: Hi-Fi Notebook Desk

Engadget: French design studio La Boite Concept has integrated seven drivers that includes a down-firing subwoofer, two in the speakers in the rear and four out front into its leather-trimmed LD120 hi-fi notebook desk. With all of those speakers and a USB sound card audio is limited to 2.1. Priced at €980.

Hmm… I think I would rather make my own and integrate a Yamaha surround sound bar and Creative’s best external Sound Blaster and call it a day. The Sound Blaster with the best customer reviews is the SB1090 X-Fi Surround 5.1 going for just $44.99 at Amazon. Yamaha sound bars are a bit more expensive but the YSP-3050BL is highly rated and won’t bust your bank account: $560.77 at Amazon. Use these links and I’ll get a small kickback. Happy Black Friday shopping!