TrustedReviews: Philips Cinema 21:9 58PFL9955H/12 Review


In short, watching all sorts of 2D stuff on the 58PFL9955H was quite possibly the most fun we’ve ever had reviewing a TV. Honestly. It’s just impossible to describe just how effective and impactful the 21:9 shape is, especially when it’s combined with the stunning picture quality Philips has got from its 2010 direct LED sets.

HD quality was terrific, too. Just make sure you tune the 21:9 as best as you can. The 58PFL9955H is like a Ferarri: you need to know how to use it to make the most of it. So HD, SD in 2D is great, how about 3D?

It also must be said that the 21:9 shape of the TV works great with 3D, with the extra width and impressive screen size making it easier to get lost in the 3D world you’re watching. Especially if you turn off the Ambilight feature, which oddly seemed rather distracting with 3D sources.

Crosstalk noise was found to be more problematic than 3D plasmas but much better than any other 3D LCD TV brand. TrustedReviews felt that it was “the best TV we’ve ever reviewed.” A few notable specs: 2560×1080, direct LED backlight, 500 cd/m2, HDMI 1.4 (4), Ethernet, USB, WiFi, SD, Component, Composite.

Is 21:9 the next wide? Most if not all film are wider than 16:9 and if you enjoy watching movies more than TV the more theater-like experience from Philips’ 21:9 TV sets might serve you better. Although a 58-inch TV might be too big to use as a monitor, a monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio would be terrific to put up two side-by-side webpages, documents, presentations, or really wide spreadsheets.