Displays & Architecture

ArchDaily: This beautiful living room is designed by Verdastudio Architects & Designers and is located in Yermasoyia, Limossol, Cyprus. And the photograph was taken by Christos Papantoniou.

Beautiful. The solid wood brings warmth to the modern stone and glass design. A little cluttered for my taste but tasteful enough. Although I don’t think I would enjoy watching TV as much. The TV has a lot of glare and it is facing a wall of windows. As far as I can tell the windows are already shaded. With all that glare I am not sure you can enjoy much of anything.

It is almost impossible to find LCD or plasma TVs with matte screens anymore. And using matte-screen-based DLP, LCoS or a Laser TV would have been worse since rear projection TVs don’t do very well in bright ambient environments. The best option given this layout would have been to have darker shades or curtains.

If you enjoy watching movies or TV, lighting is important and I would recommend designing a room that can easily be made dark and without a lot of light directly hitting the front of the TV. Also consider a TV that has thin black bezels to minimize visual distractions.