This is from back in 2007, I think. A long time ago. But I still dig the design where the dual-sliding action reveals a keypad one way and directional controls the other way. We should have seen this PSPhone in 2008.

According to, Sony is working on a PSPhone and December 9th is the big day for an announcement in Paris, France.

If this rumor turns out to be true and Sony incorporates all the latest bells and whistles for gameplay (gyroscope, accelerometer, dual cameras, latest Android, multitouch, 1GHz+ Snapdragon, etc.) then the company has a good chance of challenging Apple’s iPod touch in mobile gaming. Sony’s PlayStation franchise has an enormous chest of games and the company can develop AirPlay-like features to allow a PSPhone to stream to a PlayStation 3 to play on Sony BRAVIA TVs. Maybe someone can even develop a software iOS emulator that can run on Android.