Sony VPL-VWPRO1: SXRD Projector

CEPro comparing the VPL-VWPRO1 to the $1000 cheaper VPL-HW15:

I suggest spending the extra grand for the VPL-VWPRO1, which gives you a much brighter picture (1,300 lumens vs. 1,000) and higher contrast ratio (85,000:1 vs. 65,000:1).

The bulb used in the VLP-VWPRO1 lasts 2000 hours in HIGH and 3000 hours in LOW. You also get an extra bulb. So how do images look?

What this display system accomplishes is a smooth image, awesome colors, a contrast ratio that is an eye popping 85,000:1, and over 6.2 million pixels – like the image you might see in much more expensive units.

I’m not sure where 6.2 million pixels are coming from since the pixel format on the SXRD chip is 1920×1080, which would result in the number of pixels at just over two million pixels. The projected image size ranges from 40 to 200 inches. The home theater projector is available at specialty A/V dealers and custom integrators for US$3,499.