Calibrate Your HDTV, You’ll Like it.

The word calibrate might fend off a lot of regular folks who would rather plop down on the comfy sofa and just start watching some good TV. But calibrating isn’t too difficult and once you do, you’ll like your TV even better.

According to Sound & Vision all you need is a Blu-ray player and the right calibration disk. These are the three that were recommended:

  • Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics
  • Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition
  • Disney WOW: World of Wonder

Once you are the proud owner of one of these calibration Blu-ray disks adjust your room lighting to how it would be when you’re watching TV. Next, if you have picture modes, (some TVs don’t, so don’t worry if you can’t find them), then pick one of the three: Movie, Cinema, Theater. Or THX if that is an option.

Now dig through the menu system and look for color temperature. Once you find it change it to 6500, Warm, or Low. If you can find a Gamma setting put it to 2.2 or close to it, or Film. This next bit might take some time: turn all things ‘dynamic’ or ‘automatic’ off. After calibration you can turn them back on if you want to.

Now, stick the calibration disk, play it and follow the instructions. In no time, you’ll be watching what looks like a different, and better, TV!