BlackBerry: Perfect Integration with Native Software Stack


And speaking of Google, the Google apps for Blackberry reveal just how depressingly myopic Apple’s walled garden approach to apps really is. I know Apple spends a lot of time and money making things work simply and beautifully, but their continued arrogance toward knowing how best users want to use their consumer devices is mind-boggling. I installed the Google Voice for Blackberry app and was absolutely delighted to see two new menu options when clicking on a contact: “Call with Google Voice” and “SMS with Google Voice”. There’s no need to go to a dedicated Google Voice application, as is required with iPhone, because the app perfectly integrates with the native software stack. That, my friends, is what makes a smartphone a smartphone.

In other words, a smartphone is only a smartphone when an app can modify the native UI? I wholeheartedly disagree. I like my experiences compartmentalized because I know what to expect when I launch an app. I don’t want an app to sprinkle stuff all over my user experience on a smartphone. I assume there are app uninstallers for the BlackBerry to wipe the “native software stack” clean?