iPad Challenges Kindle

ChangeWave ResearchMacRumors:

According to the survey, the Kindle leads the iPad 47% to 32%, a dramatically smaller margin than the 62%-16% spread of just three months ago. Both devices dwarf Sony’s Reader (5%) and Barnes & Noble’s Nook (4%) in popularity.

The iPad grows from 16% to 32% while the Kindle drops from 62% to 47%. All of this in just three months. My guess is that the iPad will overtake the Kindle in the next several months.

The one thing that I don’t appreciate about both the iPad and the Kindle in terms of the reading experience is that the text itself is stripped of its unique typography, the Kindle more so than the iPad. With the Kindle every book looks the same. Why cannot e-books use the same fonts as the original paper-based books?