iPhone a Niche Device

Katherine Noyes at PCWorld:

I believe Apple’s iPhone is rapidly becoming a niche device. Its restrictions are too numerous, its approach too condescending, and its choices too few to have the broad appeal it needs to succeed on a grander scale in the long run.

In short, Apple may always have its share of fans among consumers who don’t mind living in its “walled garden,” but there’s no way it can compete in the market as a whole with the diverse, compelling and powerful platform that is Android.

The Mac can be considered a niche device: its market share of the overall PC market is quite small. The iPhone may also end up having a small slice of the overall smartphone market. I don’t see this as a problem.

A curated “walled garden” experience is exactly what I want so I can get things done, be connected, have fun, and not have to tinker with the device itself. I am thoroughly satisfied with my Mac experience, and aside from AT&T, I can say that about my iPhone, too. Satisfaction is what it’s all about, isn’t it?