Dell Venue Pro Launched

Wired: The Venue Pro from Dell has officially launched. Starting December 9th, the Dell Venue Pro will be available on T-Mobile with a new two-year contract including a 8GB per month data plan. The price is a reasonable US$100.

The Venue Pro is a unique portrait QWERTY slider running Windows Phone 7. The business oriented smartphone squarely aimed at BlackBerry users sports a big 4.1 inch OLED display. All WP7 smartphones are required to feature a 800×480 pixel format and the Venue Pro is no exception. A large 4-inch display could really make use of some extra pixels. Oh well, sacrifices need to be made in the name of a uniform experience across different hardware.

Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) is most likely supplying the OLED display and that means it will be using a PenTile Matrix sub-pixel structure. Blacks will be really black and the colors will pop, though that means that colors won’t be as accurate as can be. Compared to the iPhone’s high resolution IPS LCD text on the OLED display will not be as crystal clear.

I thought the large size would make portrait QWERTY thumb-typing a top-heavy experience but after successfully thumb-typing on a huge 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab at a local Verizon store, I don’t think Venue Pro users need to worry.