Engadget: Sony Ericsson LiveView Review


[…] This leaves us with the front 1.3-inch OLED display — which is annoyingly reflective under daylight — beneath a domed piece of transparent hard plastic […]

Super AMOLED might help in this regard or a nice IPS LCD.

[…] the LiveView actually uses the black border as its four-way touch-sensitive navigation controls. Mystery solved.

When product design is done well the user manual would go untouched. Not so in this case. You can’t touch the OLED display itself. I consider it poorly designed. Simply copying the iPod nano might have been better.

Seriously, SE had a lot of potential here, only to be let down by shoddy compatibility — probably not entirely SE’s fault — and buggy software.

Apple should take a close look at LiveView. How about connecting the iPod nano to an iPhone? I pledged to help LunaTik get off the ground. Not everyone will use the iPod nano as a watch but I bet many will be tempted.