Samsung Super PLS “Plane to Line Switching”

SamsungAkihabara News, Engadget: Plane to Line Switching. What a terrible name and just barely better than In-Plane Switching. Samsung’s Super PLS is a new wide viewing angle LCD technology geared for mobile applications. The pixel format is stated as WXGA but that could mean either 1280×720 or 1366×768. Samsung claims Super PLS LCDs will be 10% brighter, 15% cheaper and have better viewing angles than the best. The best being IPS at the moment. Samsung expects to mass produce Super PLS LCDs early next year.

Samsung claims its Super PLS LCD will be 15% cheaper to manufacture than IPS. There is no way to really know until it begins mass production. Material costs are one thing but total costs involve variables such as manufacturing yields that only come into play when you start making them.

Brightness is certainly important especially when you are out in the sun. I don’t know the specifics but my guess is that Samsung improved light transmittance by increasing the aperture. Aperture can be increased by reducing the area that the TFTs (thin film transistors) take up. In other words, at the same level of brightness as an IPS LCD the Super PLS LCD consumes less power. Since the display generally is the most power hungry component in a smartphone this is a good development.

I wonder how Samsung will be positioning its Super PLS against its Super AMOLED…