Android Bubble in an iPhone World

Nathan Peretic:

Running Google Voice exclusively is like living in a tiny Android bubble in an iPhone world. Text messages can take multiple taps to be marked as read, the app launches slowly and occasionally will hang or crash completely, and, as a rule, things are just less pretty, responsive, and well thought out. Again, it’s not bad, it’s just … less good.

I prefer good to less good. Could text messaging on the iPhone be more elegant? I think a tinge of elegance can be injected into the texting app by flattening the bubbles and changing the colors.

Europeans and Asians laugh at the thought of paying for a separate text package on top of a data package. That would be one of the primary reasons why I would moving toward Google Voice, but still it is less convenient and less elegant a solution. I’m on the $5 per month texting plan and I’m willing to pay the 17¢ per diem tax for added convenience.

Google Voice does provide a very convenient free number. Unlike others I don’t make it ring all of my phones. Actually Google Voice doesn’t ring not even one. I don’t use it for that, instead I use it for free voicemail. When you want to keep your mobile phone number private Google Voice is a good solution.