A Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera by Sigma

DPReview ForumsPhoto Rumors: The Foveon X3 image sensor is technically superior in its design. The X3 captures all three primary color information in a single pixel. All others can’t. I’ve been a fan of the X3 for quite some time and I think it is disruptive technology but it isn’t technology alone that makes for a successful product.

After working with each other since 2000, Sigma bought San Jose, CA-based Foveon in November 2008. A major camera brand like Canon would not have made such a purchase; it would require risking too much. But a major brand was exactly what Foveon needed to get its X3 image sensor technology off the ground. Unfortunately, Sigma makes lenses better than it does cameras.

If this rumor of a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is true, Sigma is moving in the right direction, but I fear it will not be competitive with formidable alternatives like the Panasonic GF, Samsung NX, Sony NEX, or Olympus PEN. We’ll just have to see.