HTC HD7 Death Grip

An official response by HTC sent to Computer Weekly regarding signal degradation when “death gripping” the HTC HD7:

Quality in industrial design is of key importance to HTC. To ensure the best possible signal strength, antennas are placed in the area least likely to be covered by a person’s face or hands while the phone is in use. However, it is inevitable that a phone’s signal strength will weaken a little when covered in its entirety by a user’s palm or fingers. We test all of our phones extensively and are confident that under normal circumstances reception strength and performance will be more than sufficient for the operation of the phone when network coverage is also adequate.

This is a 180 reversal by HTC. via Daring Fireball quoting the Wall Street Journal on July 19th:

Taiwan-based HTC said Monday that reception problems aren’t common on smartphones and Apple should address the problem on its own rather than blame competitors.

Finally, we get the truth.

Antennas on most smartphones are required to be placed as far away as possible from the head when put up against your ears. (Cell phone radiation isn’t good for your brain.) The HTC HD7 puts the antennas on the bottom, exactly where most right-handers would hold it with their left hand.