iPhone 4S

iPhone → iPhone 3G → iPhone 3GS → iPhone 4 → ?

There doesn’t seem to be a clear algorithm for how Apple adds suffixes to the iPhone. I really like the first one: iPhone. How simple is that? The second version with the 3G suffix was so added because it took advantage of 3G data networks. Fair enough, but I thought it was too “suffixy.” Apple went off the cliff with the next one: the iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ stood for speed.

Then the iPhone 4 came out. If there were any semblance of a systematic nomenclature for iPhone suffixes the iPhone 4 threw it all out. To the best of my knowledge the ‘4’ simply means 4th generation.

Apple couldn’t use 4G since 4G networks weren’t available when it was introduced. Although Clear, Verizon, and T-Mobile claim they have 4G networks now, they are lying to you. These new networks are not technically 4G, though they are faster than regular 3G. The next iPhone will certainly take advantage of these advanced non-4G networks. So, what will Apple call the next iPhone?

iPhone 4S, ‘S’ for speed.

But if I had it my way, I would go back to the original and simply name it iPhone, and keep it that way.