Archos 101 Internet Tablet Review


The Archos 101 features a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display. Its size and resolution (1024 x 600) are the same as the G Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, you can clearly see the diagonal sensor grid on top of the screen, which occasionally proved distracting. Colors were bright, but sadly the display is reflective, and viewing angles are limited to those sitting more or less directly in front; tilt the Archos 101 just a little vertically or horizontally, and the on-screen image begins to wash out.

Most of what make up the Archos 101 is the 10.1-inch LCD. Common sense would dictate the use of a good LCD for a tablet like this: tablets are used in both portrait and landscape modes, and at different viewing angles. Unfortunately the LCD in the Archos 101 is terrible with really narrow viewing angles and visible sensor grids.