Casual Gaming on Smartphones

InterpretArs Technica:

According to a new report by research firm Interpret, mobile phones are now responsible for about 44 percent of handheld gaming, up 53 percent over the last year. Use of a DS or PSP is down 13 percent over the same time period.

The DS has been the dominant handheld gaming device for kids. I don’t see these same kids getting smartphones anytime soon, but I do see parents folding under pressure and getting them iPod touches.

The PSP generally attracts hard-core gamers who already have a PlayStation or a Xbox. I don’t see smartphones gaining too much on these guys either.

What I do see happening is an explosion of casual gamers who play on the iPhone and Android smartphones. Of course, casual doesn’t mean not obsessed: some of these folks are definitely hooked.

The display is the centerpiece of the smartphone today. Graphics is a big part of the gaming experience and a good display will become more important.