Google Cr-48 Has a Crappy LCD

Jon Stokes:

The other issue is the LCD—I’m used to the nice IPS panels on my iMacs and my Macbook Airs, and this Cr-48 panel doesn’t even come close. This is quite simply the cheapest, poorest-quality LCD that I can remember using. Now, my frame of reference is deeply skewed, since the only non-Apple, non-IPS panel that I see with any regularity is the one on the ASUS EeePC Touch that hangs on the wall in my kitchen as my home messaging/ weather/calendar terminal. So the Cr-48’s screen may be pretty standard for netbooks. But to my eyes, this is a cheap-looking LCD.

That’s interesting. I wasn’t aware the Apple MacBook Airs had IPS LCDs in them. Stokes, you’ve been looking at a non-IPS panel every time you opened your MacBook Air. But, he made it clear: the LCD in Google’s Cr-48 sucks.

In December of 2010, Google has shipped a portable with a VGA port.

And what’s wrong with a VGA port? Read The VGA Port.

A Chrome OS laptop will almost definitely be able to replace my wife’s 1.6GHz MacBook Air and give her a superior user experience to boot.

My wife, as well as many others, wouldn’t think a complete change of computer, OS and how you work and play on it is superior. Change is difficult for most people and just because something is newer doesn’t mean it is better. What is so superior about Google’s Chrome OS compared to Apple’s OS X? I don’t find the features of Chrome OS to be what I need for what I do. Read Google Chrome OS.

PS: Paul Miller at Engadget likes the fact that the LCD is matte. I also prefer matte over glossy.