Google Cr-48: Pure, Unbroken Matte Black Skin


The Cr-48 is what notebooks should be like: Spare. There are no residue-streaking stickers. No stamps. No logos, no badges, no labels. Nothing shiny or blinking or twinkling. No swooshes or frivolous textures. It’s pure, unbroken matte black skin.

I do like the minimalist look of the Cr-48.

It’s just unfortunate that Google might be the only company that could give us this kind of laptop, because it’s the kind of machine that some people clearly want: One that lets us just focus on what’s in front of us.

I guess Matt Buchanan hasn’t used a MacBook. I know, it isn’t as naked as the Cr-48: the MacBook has the Apple logo on the back of the display and the MacBook text on the front. I wouldn’t say they are distracting but those are two more labels than the Cr-48.

Not only is the external texture of the Cr-48 matte, the display is too. Nice.