Nexus S Review


[…] it really is the best Android device available right now.

The Nexus S isn’t available just yet; it is expected to arrive on T-Mobile on December 16th.

The best Android smartphone has a unique curved 4-inch 800×480 Super AMOLED. And taking a page right out of Apple’s marketing tips & tricks, the display is called a Contour Display:

The curved glass screen fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and along the side of your face.

It might feel comfortable, but I would keep the Nexus S away from the side of your face (read: Keep iPhone at least 15 mm away from the body…).

Take Nexus S outside, there’s 75% less glare than on other smartphone displays. Your videos, pictures and games look their best and the sun won’t wash them out.

If true, this plugs one big weakness of OLED displays.