iPad 2 will not have a rear camera.

Cult of Mac:

Apple is ahead of the curve, it doesn’t follow. The thing is that a rear-facing camera in such a device is not useful and adding it only because others have it is not Apple’s style.

Reasonable. But Nicole Martinelli goes off the deep end by thinking Apple is the kind of company that would put two front-facing cameras for FaceTime in 3D.

Apple does indeed follow. Look at the iPhone. Other brands have been making smartphones for many years. What Apple did was apply its expertise in elegant hardware design with easy-to-use software to build something entirely different.

Unlike the iPhone, Apple is indeed in the lead with the iPad. Prior tablets were stylus-based and used desktop operating systems. Even though the ModBook, a MacBook tablet conversion, was here before the iPad, it is nothing like the iPad in the way it is used. The iPad is the first multitouch tablet designed from the ground up to be used with our fingers.

Will Apple add a rear camera? That’s anybody’s guess. I think Apple might, but wielding a huge iPad to take pictures would be awkward.