Android Growth Halts, Bad News For Display Suppliers


But an interesting thing happens in Millennial’s November report, released early Tuesday. It shows Android and iOS tied for the second month in a row, at 38% each. After six months of breakneck gains, we have something that looks like equilibrium.

Android has grown considerably in the last several months. Now it is stalling and this will become a big problem for Samsung, LG, and HTC.

Samsung makes its Galaxy S-line of smartphones that make use of its home-grown Super AMOLED display. LG Electronics makes its own smartphones but it is LG Display (LGD) that supplies most of the LCDs. LGD also supplies IPS displays to Motorola. HTC had to switch from AMOLED to LCD because Samsung decided that its Super AMOLED would be only used for Samsung-branded smartphones. Mobile OLEDs and LCDs have grown considerably thanks in large part due to Android, but it may come to a halt.

Interestingly, LGD is the only display manufacturer that is poised to continue growing no matter what: the Retina Display in the iPhone 4 is made by LGD.