iPad: Warde’s Crystal Window

Original photo by Nick Harris

John Brownlee at Gearfuse:

[…] Apple — by controlling their hardware and reinventing their software through iOS — is the closest thing to Warde’s Crystal Goblet as exists in mainstream tech… and that’s why they’re the most profitable computer maker and one of the most sought-after brands on Earth.

Warde’s Crystal Goblet? I had no idea. This seems to be the relevant point:

[…] everything about it is calculated to reveal rather than to hide the beautiful thing which it was meant to contain.

Warde’s “Crystal Window”:

Look at an iPad and you’ll see Warde’s window, if she could have imagined it. The iPad’s design is attractive, but without flourish or adornment: masterfully subtle construction and invisible tech forms a unibody frame to a vaster world that it both conveys and crystallizes.

The iPad itself is a work of art with its multitouch display the centerpiece, but it was designed to humble itself to reveal the more beautiful things it contains. The next iPad, with four times the number of pixels, will reveal beautiful things with crystal clarity never experienced before on a tablet.