Kitara: Multitouch Guitar

Misa Digital Technology:

On your electric guitar, you play notes with a pick. On Kitara, you literally play notes with your fingertips. The guitar is built around an eight-inch touch screen that can track multiple touches. The simplest screen setting replicates the six strings — you can “pick” any string by touching it. You can trigger multiple notes by touching a number of strings, or play a chord by strumming all of them at once. (Kitara is fully polyphonic.) The touch screen can do far, far more than that, but first you need to know about the sounds.

You can edit and combine over a hundred sounds using the 8-inch multitouch display. For a second there I thought Misa had integrated a customized iPad. The Kitara is made of high-density injection-molded ABS polymer with a digital synthesizer onboard and priced at US$849. The Kitara Limited Edition is the unibody aluminum version for a bit more: $2899. Pre-order: Misa will start shipping on April 3rd, 2011.